Page 3 - Real Estate Agent Freedom Blueprint
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How many real estate agent retirement
        parties have you been invited to?

I’ve been to funerals of agents – but never been to a retirement party
for a real estate agent. With all the hundreds of agents getting licensed
each day isn’t that weird? Baffling really, and pretty sad.


Real estate sales was not designed to ever have an exit
ramp … are we just here to serve at the pleasure of the broker or office

So let’s learn what real estate agent freedom is through the experienc-
es of 4 completely different people … 4 totally different paths up the
mountain … but all leaving breadcrumbs for us to follow. That path is
the Blueprint.

Freedom is not just about money … it is:

    Doing What You Want, When You Want,
     Where You Want, With Who You Want,

              For As Long As You Want!

There are 4 Stages of real estate agent freedom.

To reach true freedom we must rise through each Stage. Selling real
estate will only get you so far, so we have to do two things at once to
reach the top.

Hustle and run a real estate sales career, while in our spare time pivoting
to build a real estate business to spin off income that buys our freedom.

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