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We’re stuck going around in circles at that stage until we switch the
lever that allows us to switch tracks, and move up to the next stage.
We need new skills, new relationships and to make the pivot in order
to check the boxes, and move forward to the next stage of Real Estate
Agent Freedom.
The“switch”between each Stage is:“skills”,“relationships”and the“pivot”. If
you don’t check all the boxes … learn the skills … build the relationships or
make the final pivot – you miss the track and circle back again.
Much of the frustration in real estate comes from hustling and selling
our little tails off day after day … and wondering why we are just going
around in circles.
The Real Estate Agent Freedom Blueprint is my truth … it is my personal
journey, and discovery of the blueprint.
If you hate it, or there are opinions you don’t like, they are mine …
I’m sharing with you because I was blown away that after 20+ years of
working on avg 60+ hours a week, I was so close to the action, that I
almost completely missed the Blueprint they left us.

                                                                                                     5REAL ESTATE AGENT FREEDOM BLUEPRINT
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